BionTech, which has 30 years experience in household water treatment industry, has been awarded the No. 1 sales of water ionizer in Korea during the last few years. With the advanced technology and reliable quality control, BionTech was granted the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification. BionTech is currently producing the largest items of water ionisers in the world. Building on its technological prowess, the company has earned international brand reputation and secured world-class production facilities in the water ionizer industry.

Filter Usage and Replacement Period Display
The flow of water is accurately detected by the flow-detectlon sensor system digital circuit, and filter life is continously displayed on the LCD. Filter replacement period noiification is done audibly with the phone numbers of filter replacement service providers also displayed.

Automatic adjustment for Optimum pH levels
Biontech's water ionizer produces highly purified ionized water by automatically adjusting for optimum pH levels through self-diagnosis of changes in the water supply.

Advanced Silver-Nano filter
Silver was added to the activated carbon, the core materiaI of the filter, to enhance sterialization power for the suppression of bacterial growth. Cleaner and more purified ionized water is produced through excellent purification process.

Automatic Self-Cleaning and Self-Drainage Functions
Automatic Self-cleaning is periormed at every 10 liters of water flow to maintain the electrolysis function. Because self cleaning is performed while the machine is stopped, use of this system is convenient and the cleaning effect is excellent. When self-cleaning is completed, drainage is automatically performed,

Genuine Filter Recognition System
Upon installation, the filter recognition system will either approves the genuine Biontech water ionizer filter, or display an error to inform the user of non-genuine part installation and follow-up actions to take.

Artificial Intelligence Sensor System
The self-diagnosis system based on RISC, semiconductor circuit, provides error notifications caused by incorrect operation through messages on the LCD screen.

One-Touch Selection
Convenient touch-screen technology operation is represented as icons for one-touch selection of the desired ionized water on the control panel of the main body.


No. 1 Sales in Korea

Awarded No. 1 sales in water ionizer category in Korea during the last few years.

Made in Korea

Manufacture the water ionizers and filters in BionTech owned factories in Korea with strict quality control.

30 Years

Accumulate 30 years experience and technologies in water treatment industry. BionTech developed many patented technologies and mature water ionizers.


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Biontech BTM-207D (Single Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer)


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