The O3 Fruit and Vegetable Washer is a revolutionary NEW design for cleaning Fruits and Vegetables. The 03 Fruit and Vegetable Washer applies our own patented enamel-coated stainless tube to produce ozone that kills bacteria, decomposes pesticide, removes heavy metals, removes hormones and cleans all debris and dirt from fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other produce without any secondary pollution.
How it works?
The O3 Fruit and Vegetable Washer is one of the most effective ways available to kill bacteria and destroy residual pesticides and fertilizers. Therefore reduced risk of stomach cramps, headaches and long-term ailments from exposure to pesticides and herbicides in fruits and vegetables.
The O3 Fruit and Vegetable Washer applies a churning current to physically wash the dirt off of the vegetable’s surface while simultaneously employing an electronic ozone generator to ionize the O2 in the air to O3 (ozone), which is then released into the machine through the pump. The powerful oxidation effects of ozone cause pesticide degradation, toxin oxidization, sterilization and disinfection. Ozone degrades to common oxygen and water after approximately 15 minutes leaving no pollutants to harm the environment.
Why the O3 Fruit and Vegetable Washer?
  • Ozone Cleaning: Ozone is 500 to 2000 times more effective than Chlorine (Pool Acid) as a cleaning agent without any contamination or secondary pollutants.
  • 100% Safe: Ozone decomposes to oxygen and water.
  • Timer: Hassle-free washing. Set the timer to the time required and then leave machine unattended until washing cycle is complete.
  • CE Certification: CE Approval offers peace of mind to you that the product meets all requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

O3 Vegetable and Fruit Washer


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