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The 2 Main Types Of Water Alkaline Machine.

May 16, 2018

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Benefits of Alkaline and Acidic Water

February 11, 2018

All living things must have water to survive, whether they get it from a water fountain, a rain cloud, or a little bottle from the store. Without water, your body would stop working properly. Water makes up more than half of your body weight, and a person can't survive for more than a few days without it.



Your body has lots of important jobs and it needs water to do many of them. For instance, your blood, which contains a lot of water, carries oxygen to all the cells of your body. Without oxygen, those tiny cells would die and your body would stop working. Water is also a fluid that is part of your immune system, which helps you fight off illness. You need water to digest your food and get rid of waste, too. Water is needed for digestive juices, urine, and poop. And you can bet that water is the main ingredient in perspiration, also called sweat. Besides being an important part of the fluids in your body, water is needed by each cell to function normally. Your body doesn't get water only from drinking water. Any fluid you drink will contain water, but water and milk are the best choices. Lots of foods contain water, too. Fruit contains quite a bit of water, which you could probably tell if you've ever bitten into a peach or plum and felt the juices dripping down your chin! Vegetables, too, contain a lot of water — think of slicing into a fat tomato from the garden or crunching into a crisp stalk of celery.


How much Is Enough? Since water is so important, you might wonder if you're drinking enough.


There is no magic amount of water that kids need to drink every day. Usually, kids like to drink something with meals and should definitely drink when they are thirsty. But when it's warm out or you're exercising, you'll need more. Be sure to drink some extra water when you're out in warm weather, especially while playing sports or exercising. When you drink is also important. If you're going to sports practice, a game, or just working out or playing hard, drink water before, during, and after playing. Don't forget your water bottle. You can't play your best when you're thinking about how thirsty you are! When your body doesn't have enough water, that's called being dehydrated. Dehydration also can keep you from being as fast and as sharp as you'd like to be. A bad case of dehydration can make you sick. So keep that water bottle handy when the weather warms up! Not only does water fight dehydration, but it's awfully refreshing and has no calories. Your body can help you stay hydrated by regulating the amount of water in your system. The body can hold on to water when you don't have enough or get rid of it if you have too much. If your pee has ever been very light yellow, your body might have been getting rid of excess water. When your pee is very dark yellow, it's holding on to water, so it's probably time to drink up. You can help your body by drinking when you're thirsty and drinking extra water when you exercise and when it's warm out. Your body will be able to do all of its wonderful, waterful jobs and you'll feel great!


In a glimpse, water is good for you and you should drink more. Keep yourself hydrated and you will feel better and sleep better. But why stop there? Drink different, live better. Drink Alkaline Ionized Water.


We say DRINK UP!​​​​


 So what's Alkaline and Acidic ionized Water? 



Well, a rule of the thumb is Alkaline goes into your body for drinking and such and Acidic Water is for exterior body use.


Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits, for healthy and vital living.


Boiling Rice

Soak rice in Alkaline Ionized Water for 30 to 60 Minutes before boiling rice, and rice will be as glossy as cooked glutinous rice with a delicious taste.


Making Tea

Aalkaline water removes the bitter taste from coffee and tannic taste from black tea, enhancing their original deep taste and aroma.


Liquor, Cocktails

Alkaline water makes liquor and cocktails soft and light. Try a delicious cocktail on the rocks mixed with alkaline water. 


Various Cooking Recipes

As the cluster size of water is smaller, it can be used in the preparation of foods for better taste, and is also useful in boiling Chinese medicine.


Food Freshness

Use Alkaline Ionized Water in the preparation of foods for longer lasting freshness.


Excessive Drinking and Hangovers

Drink 1 or 2 cups before going to bed or before breakfast the morning after for faster relief.


Powdered Milk for Babies

Good for use in the reconstitution of powdered milk for babies.


After Exercising

The smaller size water clusters are more rapidly absorbed into the cells when consumed after exercising and that helps replenish the body.


Acidic Ionized Water Benefits, for clear, clean skin and a pure lifestyle.


Bathing and Face Washing

It's astringent effect is beneficial for the skin.


Washing Feet

Good for relaxing and cleaning your exhausted feet that is soiled with contaminates .


Alternative To Hair Rinse

Use Acidic Ionized Water to rinse the hair after shampooing for softer and moist hair.


Eliminating Bad Breath

Acidic Ionized Water has excellent hemostatic action. Spray it to eliminate bad breath, and the water may also be used for brushing teeth.


Washing Vegetable

It's excellent disinfecting action makes it good for washing vegetables to help maintain colours.


Household Cleaning 

It removes household dust and dirt, and is also useful for cleaning bathtubs, toilets and furniture.


Removing Deposits From Kettles

Soak kettles with deposits or scorched pots in acidic water overnight, and they will be clean in the morning.


Cleaning Glass Windows

Clean glass windows, mirrors, and glasses with Acidic Ionized Water. Dust and dirt are easier remove with the Acidic Ionized Water.


Disinfecting Chopping Boards and Dishes

Disinfect knife marks on chopping boards, as well as dishes.





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